Friday, December 12, 2008

Sickcunt - Sickcunt

Death Metal/Grindcore-Russia


2.Public Humour Of The Pakistan Youth

3.Medicine, As A Object Of Bipeds' Physiological Division

4.The Piston

5.Mess On Poppy

6.Change Of People's Behaviour, By Mixture Of Blood Streams

7.Attention Directed On The Reason Of Change A Face's Muscle

8.Sublimation Of Works Of The Actor-Naturalist

9.Recycling Of Alive Waste In The Countries Of The Third World

10.Body On A Stick

11.Greed - The Reason Of Cruel Treatment With A Knife

12.Putin's "Plan"

13.The Geometrical Phantasmagoria Has Failed

14.Commerce Pleasure And Death (Mental Apraxia cover)

15.Reduction Of The Rights And Deserved Coprophagy

16.The Parasitizing Color Shade

17.Catastrophe In The South Of Indonesia It A First Step On A Way To Decomposition

18.Cretinism It Not Illness

19.You Stay In The Form Of?! It Means Is Yours!

20.Stengah (Meshuggah cover)

21.Reconstructively-Regenerative Surgery

22.Existence In A Zone Of Own Dross

23.Plastic Intonation

24.Irreplaceable Framing

25.Kill Your Mother/Rape YOur Dog (Dying Fetus cover)

26.Stones In Bubbles

27.Korea... And How Will Get Rid From It



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