Monday, January 26, 2009

Brutal Truth - Brutal Truth/Narcosis/Total Fucking Destruction

Grind Core-USA/Grind-Core-Uninted Kingdom/Grind-Core-USA

7" only available on the feb 2007 UK tour of the three bands
Brutal Truth
1. Everflow (live)
2. Sympathy Kisser (live)
Narcosis (UK)
3. Ode to a worthless fucking piece of shit (live)
4. A nod, a wink and a pain filled smile (live)
5. A work related murder spree (live)
Total Fucking Destruction
6. Let the children name themselves



Anonymous ivanxgrindx09 said...

Fucking Brutal Truth, i went in june in my city to brutal truth tour with oxidised razor !!! Great Show

8:01 AM  

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